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Brand: Trotec Profi Code: 01546256
Angled Power Wheel 1.200W 4440000006Dimensions: 14.00cm x 39.00cm x 12.00cmNumber of revolutions: 3,000 to 12,000Disc Dimension: 12.50cmWeight: 2.5kgIncluded in the package: Cutting disc + two-hole wrench + protective cover + auxiliary handle + carrying case..
Ex Tax:51.21€
Brand: Trotec Profi Code: 01546265
Angled Power Wheel 2.000W 4440000105Dimensions: 17.00cm x 57.00cm x 15.50cmNumber of revolutions: 6,500Disc Dimension: 23.00cmWeight: 6kgIncluded in the package: Cutting disc + two-hole wrench + protective cover + auxiliary handle + carrying case..
Ex Tax:64.11€
Brand: Trotec Profi Code: 01546284
Angled Wheel 115mm Battery 1x4Ah PAGS 21-115 4440000206Dimensions: 12.8cm x 32.5cm x 12.8cmIdle speed [min-1]: 13,300Cutting disc diameter [mm]: 115Bore diameter [mm]; 22,23Nominal speed [min-1] 10,000Weight: 2.6kg..
Ex Tax:83.87€
Brand: Trotec Profi Code: 01546252
Cordless Drill Driver Battery 4410000102Dimensions: 18.00cm x 19.00cm x 5.00cmBattery Type: Lithium IonMaximum drilling diameter: Wood 20mm/ metal 8mmWeight: 1.25kgIncluded in the package: 2 x 50mm tips + battery..
Ex Tax:43.47€
Brand: Trotec Profi Code: 01546287
Cordless Impact Wrench of Maximum Torque 400Nm and No Load Speed 0-2,300 min-1 PIWS 10-20V 4410000651..
Ex Tax:100.00€
Brand: Trotec Profi Code: 01546261
Electric Impact Drill 4415000010Dimensions: 6.00cm x 30.00cm x 20.00cmMaximum chuck clamping area: 13mmMaximum Drilling Diameter: Wood 30mm/ Metal 10mm/ Masonry 13mmWeight: 2kgIncluded in the package: 3 drills 3 x 5 x 85 mm / 6 x 100 mm / 8 x 120 mm + auxiliary handle..
Ex Tax:37.82€
Brand: Trotec Profi Code: 01546266
Electric Trimmer 750Watt 4450000100Power: 750 WattsCutting depth: up to 3mmSpeed: 13,000 min..
Ex Tax:57.66€
Brand: Trotec Profi Code: 01546286
HyStream 200 Heat Gun 4435000005Dimensions: 6cm x 24cm x 21cmWeight: 0.6kgConnection to the electrical network: 230 V/50 HzPower consumption: 2 kWConnection plug: CEE 7/17Cable length: 2mMinimum airflow volume: 300l/min.Maximum air flow volume: 500 l/min.Ventilation levels: 2Maximum temperature: 550..
Ex Tax:19.31€
Brand: Trotec Profi Code: 08238125
HyStream 2000 Heat Gun 6100000057Dimensions: 25.50cm x 3.00cmWeight: 0.94kgConnection to the electrical network: 230 V/50 HzPower consumption: 2 kWPlug connection: CEE 7/17Cable length: 1.9 mAir flow volume minimum: 250 l/min.Maximum air flow volume: 500 l/min.Volumetric air flow minimum: 15m³/hVolu..
Ex Tax:33.02€
Brand: Trotec Profi Code: 01546262
Impact Drill 4415000102Dimensions: 39.00cm x 25.00cm x 9.5cmWeight: 6kgMaximum drilling diameter: Wood 40mm/ metal 13mm/ masonry - brick 32mmIncluded in the package: Flat SDS drill 14mm x 250mm + Pointed SDS drill 14mm x 250mm + 3 SDS drill bits 8mm/10mm/12mm x 150mm..
Ex Tax:83.87€
Brand: Trotec Profi Code: 01546268
Impact Drill Cordless 4410000502Dimensions: 23.00cm x 8.00cm x 22.5cmNumber of gears: 2Battery capacity [Ah]: 2Battery Type: Lithium IonMaximum Drilling Diameter: Wood 30mm / Metal 13mm / Masonry 15mmIncluded in the package: 2 x 50mm tips + battery + case..
Ex Tax:80.24€
Brand: Trotec Profi Code: 01546269
Rechargeable Battery Hacksaw 4431000110Dimensions: 39.00cm x 8.00cm x 18.00cmWeight: 2.4kgNumber of idle trips: 0 - 3,000 min-1Travel: 20mmNominal battery voltage: 20VBattery capacity: 2AhBattery Type: Lithium IonConnection to the electrical network: 230 - 240 V/50 HzCable length: 1.5mThe package in..
Ex Tax:60.89€
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